Music is a pleasure to share

If it is the first time you pick up a musical instrument, or if you have been playing for a while already, maybe you are trying to learn to play something but by yourself, you don’t manage. In that case, don’t despair! “Tendez les Oreilles” offers music lessons for people who like to play to express themselves, to communicate (with others, or just with yourself), to be serious or to relax seriously.

Our teaching method is playful and easy-going:Tendez les oreilles 2015 020all

  • You play the music you like. All styles are possible
  • You listen to music. This means the music around you (through CDs, Youtube, teacher/student, co-students..) and also your own music (good listening to what you are playing stimulates the autonomy).
  • You read music in order to have access to existing scores, but only if you wish to read, and it is always integrated into the practical side of playing an instrument.
  • We can work on existing compositions, but also on improvisation (“creating in the moment”), and if you happen to play some short phrases or rhythms worth to be saved, then you write music, to not forget them, and did you know that writing helps make you read better?

At this time, the instruments we teach are: piano, beginning guitar, musical exploration

We work with year-round lessons, especially for children, in order to ensure the regularity and constancy of lessons, and also with lessons ‘by card’, for instance by cards of four lessons.Image 4
If you have a special musical project, we try to find a solution adapted to your needs.
In the vicinity of Claira, lessons at your home can be possible.

From time to time it is possible to play together with other students. Since 2008 we have performed at the “Fête de la Musique” in Claira. All for the pleasure of sharing music!