Margriet Naber

Margriet Naber is a musician, teacher and astrologer.mncolor

Born in the Netherlands in 1962, into a music-loving family of educators, she learned to play the piano and to look at the world with an open mind, ready to combine things that might not appear combinable at first sight.

In 1989, after earning her diploma of teaching eurythmics/music and movement at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, she began teaching folk dance and accompanying dancers on piano.

In 1991 she moved to California with her husband, saxophonist John Tchicai. Inspired by him, she started practicing meditation. They worked together on various projects (compositions, concerts..). She also played in his group John Tchicai & the Archetypes, a mix of jazz/rock/free/classic/world music, as a keyboard player and composer. This group performed concerts in clubs and in festivals (San Francisco, Monterey, Chicago, New York, Berlin…) and made a CD (“Love is Touching”).

She continued teaching piano in private lessons and accompanying dance at UCD, performing with dancer Bonnie Simoa.

In 1995 she began studying astrology, starting in private lessons with Vishishta Reading at Half Moon Bay, CA, and continuing through books and by studying the horoscopes of all her friends and family, who have been receiving her advice since then, advice not always solicited but always well-received.

After September, 2001, Margriet and John packed their suitcases again and moved to France. They settled down in the Roussillon in the beginning of 2002. Margriet recorded her compositions onto the CD “Colored Air” and created the Margriet Naber Trio and played in the Big Band of the Casa Musicale in Perpignan.

She still teaches music in private lessons and in projects at schools and in after-school programs as a teacher for Tendez les Oreilles.

Since 2010 she has been teaching languages (English, Dutch, German) for the training institute of the Chamber of Commerce in Perpignan.

She was accepted as a member of the Federation of French-speaking Astrologues in 2015.

Her teaching method is caracterized by the educational influences of Montessori, Dalcroze and Tchicai, as well as by the spiritual influence of meditation and mindfulness.